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Clojure is not Software Conservative

…even if there is such a thing. The post is meant as a very narrow response to a point Yegge made recently. I haven’t had time yet to sufficiently think through the premise that there is a single dimension on which developers worldviews can be plotted to usefully explain their opinions. Nor have I yet formed opinions on many of the other points he makes. I won’t make claims about whether software conservatism is better or worse than not-SC, or [...]
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Load virtualenvwrapper on demand to speed up your shell

Loading takes too long:   $ time source /usr/bin/ real 0m1.034s user 0m0.625s sys 0m0.161s If you load in your .bashrc, this means waiting an extra second every time you open a terminal. But you can avoid the delay by loading the functions on demand! The trick is to create stub functions workon, deactivate and mkvirtualenv that will load and then run the [...]
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Getting started with Clojure and Libvirt, Part 1

In this post I will give a gentle introduction to interacting with and controlling libvirt from Clojure. But first a couple of definitions: Libvirt is an API/toolkit for interacting with Linux virtualization systems (including KVM/QEMU, Xen, OpenVZ, Oracle VirtualBox, VMWare ESX/GSX/Workstation/Player, Microsoft Hyper-V, LXC, UML, etc). It is a very active project that is widely [...]
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The Most Important Parts of HTML5

or Why <video> and <audio> are Boring or The New Web Platform or An Introduction to HTML5   A Little Perspective The Birth of the Web 20 years ago today (Aug 6th, 1991), Tim Berners-Lee released the World Wide Web on the world while working at CERN. Actually what he released was a program called [...]
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Processing arrays using CPS

At work, we're generating JavaScript from another language (which ironically has nothing at all to do with ClojureScript). There are places where we are working with sequences of data, which generally originate with an array or more often arrays nested in other arrays (perhaps with intervening objects). As these sequences get built up and passed [...]
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Regarding Cloud Storage

This post is inspired by a blog post by Larry Stewart about "Connected-only devices" (e.g. Google Chromebook) and the problem with cloud/remote storage. Larry argues that for many types of data there are fundamental reasons why local storage is better than storing data in the cloud. His reasons are: Storage is cheap, communications are not [...]
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