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The Joy of Clojure, my perspective.

There are a few books about Clojure in the works now. But despite the variety in authorship and publisher, they all seem to be primarily in the vein of a language tutorial, starting from a basis of "common knowledge" among most programmers and taking the reader to a level of basic familiarity with Clojure.

Michael Fogus and I think there is more to Clojure that has yet to be addressed by any of the books currently being written. So we've started writing "The Joy of Clojure". Our vision for this book is to impart not just what Clojure is, but why it's the way it is; not just how to use it, but how to choose well from among the wide variety of options Clojure provides. And along the way we hope you'll experience the wonder, amazement, and, yes joy that Clojure can bring to programming tasks that often feel like nothing more than chores in other environments.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to brag a little on Fogus. He's been a fantastic partner throughout this process -- I wouldn't even be involved if it weren't for him. He has put into our book many references to papers and books that I've never heard of, but that illuminate much of Clojure's design -- clearly he has read a good deal more than I have. Once we're done writing, I intend to use the Bibliography as a reading list -- I'm sure it will be enlightening. He is dedicated to producing the best book we can, and he's the only reason we're meeting any of our deadlines. I'm looking forward to the next few months as we finish this book together.
The Joy of Clojure
Thinking the Clojure Way

by Michael Fogus and Chris Houser